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Founded by Hacı Halil Bayraktar and showing great progress in the transportation and spare parts industry, the family business was introduced to import trading in 1953 thanks to İzzet Bayraktar of the third generation. With the belief that staying in Kayseri wouldn't be adequate during this new process, the main offices were moved to Istanbul, and the transfer was completed in 1963.

We have provided support for Bayraktarlar Holding in 2019 when they wanted to include technological innovations of their company on their website in addition to their history dating back to 1935. We used a design emphasizing the industries where the company is globally active and made sure all the news regarding those industries are gathered on a single site.

User friendly and beautifully designed website showcases the culture and importance of Bayraktarlar Holding. 




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Bayraktarlar Holding Bayraktarlar Holding
Bayraktarlar Holding

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